Good News from Greenville and Moosehead Lake

I attended the kickoff event for Destination Moosehead Lake, and have been impressed with all the good work they are doing to bring more people to Greenville and Moosehead Lake. Here is the group’s latest report.

With the hard work of our fully volunteer board of directors and new staff, we are excited to provide the following updates.

First, and most importantly, Destination Moosehead Lake was awarded a grant for $15,000 to be used for public relations and marketing efforts for the Moosehead Lake region. Throughout this process we have been in contact with a well versed public relations company from Augusta, Marshall Communications, to help with our public relations and marketing efforts. The contract is slated to start in April, continuing through October, which will provide significant exposure to the Moosehead Lake region. Marshall Communications will focus on the digital side of Destination Moosehead Lake’s marketing efforts, helping to promote the region and its attractions online. With this exciting development, be sure to keep an eye on the Destination Moosehead Lake website (, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for updated content weekly.

If you have not purchased ads yet, and would like to learn more about our advertising options, reach out to Alison Snell at for more information. Alison has a full list of available advertising opportunities, as well as pricing and visuals for clarity of each opportunity. There are specific categories for your business to advertise within (see the “Explore” page at for all categories).

For 2019, Destination Moosehead Lake will be producing a foldable informational and regional attractions map for visitors to reference while they visiting region. Destination Moosehead Lake will print 15,000 of these informational and regional attractions maps for distribution around the Moosehead Lake region. Destination Moosehead Lake will also fund laminated maps that will be posted in the informational kiosks that will be in place this season. (Keep an eye out for those too!)

Thanks to record conditions this winter, we saw great traffic at the visitors center! With a somewhat limited schedule from January to April we were still able to service guests questions and requests effectively. Anticipating a busy summer season, the hours of the visitors center will be extended to accommodate the increased traffic and travel schedules of visitors.

Spring hours for the visitors center will be open Thursday 10 AM-4 PM; Friday-Saturday 10 AM-7 PM; Sunday 12 PM-4 PM, and Monday 10 PM-4 PM. If you, or someone you know is interested in volunteering with Destination Moosehead Lake let us know at!

Beginning in May, we will begin sending bi-weekly email updates on news or events in the Moosehead Lake region. If you would like to post an event on the Destination Moosehead Lake website events page, enter your event here; or email


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