Monthly Archives: December 2016

Major fishing issues to be debated at legislature

I haven’t heard that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will submit any legislation this session, so I decided to give the legislature a chance to tackle some major issues. I’ve got outstanding sponsors for these two bills. Simplify Fishing Rules DIF&W’s Commissioner, Chandler Woodcock, informed the IF&W Committee last session that his agency […]

Exotic animals and feral cats legislation submitted

I hope to keep you informed of legislative bills of particular interest to those who love the outdoors. There’s not much information available yet, so let’s start this series with my own proposals. Yesterday I submitted 7 proposals to the Revisor’ office, where they will be drafted into bills. Each bill has an outstanding legislation […]

Controversies and conflicts ahead for new big game management plans

The December 9th meeting of DIF&W’s Big Game Management Steering Committee was interesting, enlightening, and concerning. We’ll get to all of that in a minute. First, let me say that we are fortunate to have an exceptional staff in the agency’s Wildlife Division, led by Judy Camuso.  As the staff presented the preliminary goals, objectives, […]