Monthly Archives: January 2016

Walk my woodlot with me – Day One

Hunting with a friend on my woodlot in November, I found myself stopping often to tell him a story about something that happened at that spot. Thinking about it later, I decided that would be a good way to share my hunting stories with you. So let’s begin to do that today, starting right in […]

Maine’s shooting ranges need protection

When I served as executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, we successfully championed legislation that protected existing gun shooting ranges from noise ordinances. Since that time, other challenges have threatened Maine’s shooting ranges, including lawsuits and zoning ordinances. Maine could actually use a few more shooting ranges, which are used not only by […]

Constitutional amendment to protect hunting re-launched at the Maine legislature

The Maine legislature may revive a proposal that legislators killed just last year: a Constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to hunt. Four Constitutional amendments were proposed by legislators and sporting groups at the 2015 session. Two would have prohibited citizen ballot initiatives on fisheries and wildlife issues. The other two sought to guarantee the […]