Pumpkin belongs in pies, not beer!


It astonishes me that so many of you love pumpkin beer. Fred Forsley, President of Shipyard, will produce 45,000 barrels of pumpkin spiced beer this year – down from the 54,000 barrels he made in each of the last two years. Articles in Mainebiz and Forbes reported that brewers throughout the United States have cut […]

Trapping restrictions to protect Lynx have hurt research on other species says DIF&W

DIF&W Logo

                “In 2015 the trapping regulations for several species was altered in order to reduce the chance of accidentally capturing lynx, which are listed as a threatened species by the federal government. Unfortunately, these changes resulted in reduced trapper participation, and have made it more difficult for the Department to collect quality biological data on […]

Michigan Offers Great Grouse Program

Michigan grouse

 Here’s another wonderful wildlife program in Michigan, called to my attention by Ed Meadows, who served for a time as Commissioner of Maine’s Department of Conservation before moving to Michigan where he served as the Deputy Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which includes fish and wildlife programs. Here’s the story, as presented […]