It’s time to get your Passport to Maine’s Outdoors

Building off the 30th anniversary of the Land For Maine’s Future program, the conservation community and LL Bean are encouraging more Mainers to spend lots of time outdoors. The project is called the Passport to Maine’s Outdoors and features 36 recommended destinations, divided into six geographic regions of the state. Participants can choose to visit […]

Salty and Saucy Maine by Captain Hank Bracker

Captain Hank Bracker’s book, Salty and Saucy Maine, should have been titled Salty and Saucy Hank Bracker. Yup, Hank’s stories are definitely saucy and salty. The book is full of stories about Hank’s time at Maine Maritime Academy. There are plenty of tales that will make you laugh, a lot of interesting history, and then […]