Driving deer to distraction

Deer on car two

               Sometimes small changes in hunting laws bring big benefits. My big buck one year was the result of a small law change, proposed by the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine when I served as SAM’s executive director, that legalized deer driving by groups of no more than three hunters, as long as noise makers are […]

Great memories of hunting with Dad

Deer Carrier

                I was born a Maine sportsman, raised a Maine sportsman, and will die a Maine sportsman. Thanks to Dad. Just like Dad. My first memories are of pheasants, rabbits, setters, and beagles. Or course, before that, there was the hunter safety course and lots of shooting at […]

Game Wardens spend less than half their time policing hunting and fishing

wardens patch color

Earlier this year I asked the Maine Warden Service for the latest data on how they spend their time. Unfortunately, the most recent report was issued in 2013. Nothing since then. So that’s the report I obtained from them. The 53 page report is interesting and includes information about where their money comes from, trends […]

State Museum and Library host evening focused on Maine sporting camps

book cover

                My book, titled Maine Sporting Camps, was published in May, with my hope that it will encourage readers to visit sporting camps on a regular basis for the very best outdoor experiences. On Wednesday night, November 16, at 6:30 pm, I’ll be talking about the book and the history of our sporting camps at […]

Here are my ideas for legislation in 2017

Kerri Bickford Capitol two

This is a preliminary list of bills I am thinking of proposing for the 2017 legislative session. I’d appreciate your reaction to any or all of these. Please email your thoughts to me at georgesmithmaine@gmail.com. Thanks! Exotic Animals: Require permits for all non-native animals and require notification of the Maine Warden Service and any neighbors […]