How to talk to the public about hunting


Words Matter. That’s the headline in a special section of a report from Responsive Management titled, “How to Talk to the Public About Hunting.” In my last outdoor news column, I told you about some of Responsive Management’s interesting research about the public’s attitudes toward hunting. Today, I’ll share their recommendations for how hunters can […]

To all the deer I’ve missed before


Another in my series of hunting stories, including missed shots and other mistakes. “To all the deer I’ve missed before, Who’ve traveled in the great outdoors, I’m glad they came along, I dedicate this song, To all the deer I’ve missed before.” Substituting deer for girls in this classic Willie Nelson song isn’t all that […]

Great Maine stories by a guy from away

A special thank you goes to Down East Books for republishing David Morine’s book, Vacationland: A Half Century of Summering in Maine. I absolutely loved this book and have to say that David Morine has qualified himself as a real Mainer in these very entertaining stories. Most of the stories were published in an earlier […]