Mainers are very happy with the management of fish and wildlife


Responsive Management, a national firm that has worked on hunting and fishing research and initiatives in all 50 states, was retained a year ago by Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to research the attitudes of Mainers about the agency and its management of big game and freshwater fisheries. DIF&W is using that information […]

A life long romance with retail


                Our shopping future may be in the wide aisles of Wal-Mart, but our past was in the narrow, cluttered aisles of local five and dimes. When Alfred Senter announced last week that Senter’s Department Store in Brunswick will close after 83 years of providing Maine people with […]

Native Brook Trout Protection may be Extended by the Legislature

Bruce's big trout

Representative Russell Black has sponsored two of my fisheries bills. One would extend protective regulations for native and wild brook trout from lakes and ponds to tributaries where they spawn. The second would assure that all waters that qualify for the state’s Heritage Fish list get put on that list. I’ll have a lot more […]

Do we want moose or deer in the north woods?

2015 hunt Scott Ireland

That’s one of the big questions being debated as Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife prepares new big game management plans with the assistance of a Big Game Steering Committee comprised of folks representing hunting, fishing, conservation, environmental, and landowner groups. DIF&W recognizes the importance of moose to our state, both for viewing and […]

Sportsmen proposing three Constitutional amendments this legislative session

Kerri Bickford Capitol two

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine will focus a lot of attention this legislative session on bills to protect hunting, keep wildlife issues off the ballot, and change the way signatures are gathered for ballot initiatives. SAM’s Executive Director, David Trahan, told me he hopes to pull all sportsmen together in support of the three bills, […]