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A life long romance with retail

                Our shopping future may be in the wide aisles of Wal-Mart, but our past was in the narrow, cluttered aisles of local five and dimes. When Alfred Senter announced last week that Senter’s Department Store in Brunswick will close after 83 years of providing Maine people with […]

State Museum and Library host evening focused on Maine sporting camps

                My book, titled Maine Sporting Camps, was published in May, with my hope that it will encourage readers to visit sporting camps on a regular basis for the very best outdoor experiences. On Wednesday night, November 16, at 6:30 pm, I’ll be talking about the book and the history of our sporting camps at […]

Pumpkin belongs in pies, not beer!

It astonishes me that so many of you love pumpkin beer. Fred Forsley, President of Shipyard, will produce 45,000 barrels of pumpkin spiced beer this year – down from the 54,000 barrels he made in each of the last two years. Articles in Mainebiz and Forbes reported that brewers throughout the United States have cut […]

On my way to the outhouse

My Dad, Ezra Smith, was a prolific writer of letters to the editor. After he died, I found every letter he’d ever written to our local newspaper, in files by decade. What a treasure! He once wrote a letter to the editor about the outhouse at our camp on Nesowadnehunk  Lake just outside the western […]