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Maine ought to have a comprehensive hunting/fishing license


Last legislative session, Representative Mike Shaw sponsored my proposal to create a comprehensive hunting license for those of us who are frustrated and tired of having to purchase multiple permits to hunt our favorite species. I was also looking for a way to encourage more hunters to hunt species other than deer – turkeys, for […]

Native Brook Trout Protection may be Extended by the Legislature

Bruce's big trout

Representative Russell Black has sponsored two of my fisheries bills. One would extend protective regulations for native and wild brook trout from lakes and ponds to tributaries where they spawn. The second would assure that all waters that qualify for the state’s Heritage Fish list get put on that list. I’ll have a lot more […]

Sportsmen proposing three Constitutional amendments this legislative session

Kerri Bickford Capitol two

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine will focus a lot of attention this legislative session on bills to protect hunting, keep wildlife issues off the ballot, and change the way signatures are gathered for ballot initiatives. SAM’s Executive Director, David Trahan, told me he hopes to pull all sportsmen together in support of the three bills, […]

One man’s interesting ideas for simplifying fishing rules

Bass - Belgrade Lakes

After reading about my proposed legislation to create a commission to simplify Maine’s far-too-complicated fishing rules, Frank Richards emailed me to say, “I read your blog on legislation to simplify the fishing rulebook with interest. I’ll be surprised if it passes. I don’t think the committee cares about the department’s long term inability to do […]

Major fishing issues to be debated at legislature


I haven’t heard that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will submit any legislation this session, so I decided to give the legislature a chance to tackle some major issues. I’ve got outstanding sponsors for these two bills. Simplify Fishing Rules DIF&W’s Commissioner, Chandler Woodcock, informed the IF&W Committee last session that his agency […]