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SWOAM says landowner relations programs have floundered with few if any achievements

This is another in my ongoing series on landowner relations, the most important topic and challenge for Maine sportsmen and others who recreate on private land. Of particular importance in this column are the recommendations of Tom Doak for an effective landowner relations program. A great suggestion about multi-species management is featured in one of […]

Survey finds sportsmen share the same concerns as landowners – and Maine desperately needs a strong landowner relations program

NOTE: I have posted questions on this issue in my Sportsmen Say Survey, located on my website, After you read this column, please let us know your opinions on these critical issues! Posting is increasing. We’re losing lots of land that was traditionally open to public recreation. This is what sportsmen told Jessica Leahy […]

Moose permits increase while applications decline

While Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife increased moose permits by 385 this year, applications declined.  DIF&W’s moose biologist Lee Kantar told legislators a few months ago that he is confident Maine now has 75,000 moose. And although he opposed legislative bills calling for significant increases in permits this year, Lee nudged up the […]