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This Maine six-year-old loves rabbit hunting!

rabbit Laurelai (Tim Wonslow)

When Tim Winslow sent me photos of his six-year-old daughter Laurelai with her gun and rabbit, I was entranced. So I asked Tim to write a story about their rabbit hunting experiences. And much to my delight, he asked Laurelai to write the story. And here it is! Laurelai’s Rabbit Hunt Hi, my name is Laurelai […]

Still missing my duck hunting buddy

unnamed (1)

In 1988 my sister Edie was godparent to a litter of Chesapeake Bay retrievers – seven little bundles of energy in dark coats, two with light saw-grass coverings which seemed ideal for hiding in the swale grass of nearby Hopkins Stream, my duck hunting paradise. Oh, how I wanted one! And I engaged my kids, […]

Airport evacuated! Was it my gun case?

North Dakota Enchanted Highway Pheasants

I’ve suffered plenty of travel trocities. One of my all-time favorite stories involved a hunting trip to North Dakota. For several years, I’d borrowed my friend Harry Vanderweide’s gun case for this annual pheasant hunting trip, with no problem. Until 2013. At the Portland Jetport, after I’d checked in and they’d taken my bag and […]