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While Australia is killing 2 million feral cats, Maine allows them to be captured, fixed up, and released back into the woods.

feral cats

Should feral cats be released back into the woods, after they’ve been captured and cleaned up? And is that legal in Maine? Good questions! While Maine law is unclear, people are being allowed to capture feral cats, sterilize and clean them up, and release them back into the woods. Some local animal shelters are doing […]

Why did the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department fail to support stream crossings bond issue?


It’s a mystery to me. An important bond issue to raise more money for improving stream crossings failed to draw the support of Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Yet in an April 11 edition of the agency’s newsletter, there’s a great article on the importance of improving our stream crossings. When I asked […]

Governor’s Aide Issues favorable report on the Land for Maine’s Future Program

LMF poster

Despite Governor LePage’s ugly language and complaints about the Land for Maine’s Future Program and its Board, which he called corrupt, the Governor’s aide, Jonathon LaBonte, the Director of the Governor’s Office of Policy Analysis, has issued a very favorable report on the program. The report was ordered up by the Governor and is now available […]

Legislature’s Public Lands Commission Slams Forest Door on Governor’s Demands


A special Commission organized by the legislature to respond to Governor Paul LePage’s demands that money be diverted from the Public Lands Bureau to fund heating assistance has unanimously rejected those demands, effectively shutting the forest door on the Governor.  But the Commission did vote to divert some surplus Public Lands’ funds outside the agency […]