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SWOAM says landowner relations programs have floundered with few if any achievements

This is another in my ongoing series on landowner relations, the most important topic and challenge for Maine sportsmen and others who recreate on private land. Of particular importance in this column are the recommendations of Tom Doak for an effective landowner relations program. A great suggestion about multi-species management is featured in one of […]

A Merger in Name Only

Maine’s Department of Agriculture merged with the Department of Conservation on August 30, a date established in law by the legislature and governor. But the only thing merged was the name. It’s now the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. No one moved. No programs merged. No money was saved. The new department has 732 […]

Tie Me Wallaby Down Boys

You’ll have to tie me wallaby down boys – if you want to keep him. Officials at Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife decided to allow Michelle Charette and her family of Island Falls to keep their wallaby, with severe restrictions. Michelle ran afoul of the law by accepting the gift of a wallaby, […]

Great Summer Reads by Maine Authors

You may be an obsessive reader like me, toting books to your deer stand, reading the newspaper in your turkey blind. Or you may be a casual reader who borrows a couple of novels from the local library for summer vacation reading. No matter where you fall on the reader scale, you’re probably going to […]

Artists Reflect the Great Maine Outdoors

It always thrills me when I find artists who can capture the best of Maine’s environment, in photographs, paintings, wooden crafts, sculpture, music, and other mediums. Two of my favorite artists are the subject of today’s column.  Ralph Brissette of Augusta creates amazing and unique wildlife art works, most of which he sells at ridiculously […]