Wait until you see the very-young Astronaut Annie

If you want your kids or grandkids to follow their dreams, you’ll want to get them the book Astronaut Annie by Suzanne Slade. Beautifully illustrated by Nicole Tadgell and published by Tilbury House, the story is about a young girl, Annie, who is excited to show what she wants to be on her school’s Career Day.

Because she’s required to keep her choice a secret, we are amused by the expectations of her parents and grandparents. Her Grandpop thinks she wants to be a news photographer like him. Grandma is sure Annie will be a champion baker.

Annie’s Dad figures she’ll want to be a mountain climber like him, while her Mom looks forward to reliving her experiences when Annie chooses to play basketball.

Boy were they all surprised when Annie stepped onto the stage, proclaiming “When I grow up I want to soar high through the air.”

“I’ll be brave and bold,” she says, as she pulls on her astronaut’s outfit. Yup, Annie wants to be an astronaut. And as she blasts off her chair, you know that is just what she will be. And Grandpop, Grandma, Dad and Mom are thrilled.

I also enjoyed the info at the back of the book about women in space. Each of them is inspiring. I think kids will also enjoy the information on the moon. Just be ready when they insist every night on going out to check out the various images of the moon!