Guests work to protect Cobb’s Pierce Pond Camps

Cobb’s Pierce Pond Camps is a wonderful place and not just because the camps are in a beautiful place and the Cobb family are great hosts. They are blessed by guests who love the camps so much that they’ve stepped up to protect the camps and the entire watershed.

So far the Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust has safeguarded more than 7200 acres, purchased nearly 2000 acres of forest and shoreland, and signed agreements with Cobb’s Camps and Harrison’s Camps to ensure they will always be open to the public.

I wish every Maine sporting camp could be blessed with guests like these folks. I spoke at the Trust’s annual meeting a few years ago and was very impressed with the people and their love for and commitment to Cobb’s. As Carl Freeman, the Trust’s President, wrote in Cobb’s latest newsletter, as they approached the camps, “we’ve undergone a change that includes feelings of relief, refreshment and recovery, and a deep sense of just coming home.” Nice!
Cobb’s has both a website and a Facebook page if you want to check them out.

For my book Maine Sporting Camps, published by Downeast Books, I included a number of stories written by staff and guests, including Liva Pierce, a 15-year-old girl who had visited Cobb’s every year of her life with her family. And while many of my friends go there to fish, Liva’s family does not. And she wrote about all the adventures they’ve enjoyed there.

I especially enjoyed her story about the kids’ activities after lunch. “Lunch is followed by more merrymaking both on water and on land, everything from Island Olympics and talent shows to malicious cookie thievery and ambitiously long swims until – to the children’s dismay – cocktail hour emerges,” which she describes as a “holy time of day (that) urges the adults into action.”

Well yes, Liva, of course!