Monthly Archives: May 2017

Don’t miss this great Shipyard brewery event!

           On Saturday, May 20 from 7-9 PM, Shipyard is hosting a membership rally for the American Homebrewers Association (AHA). The event will take place at the Shipyard brewery at 86 Newbury Street in Portland, where manager Irena does a superb job. The event highlights the final weekend of American Craft Beer Week, which runs from May 15-21. Surely, […]

Battling Wildlife in the Home

                Running a bit late for a Selectmen’s meeting one evening years ago, I dashed down the stairs into my workshop without turning on the light. Approaching the door to the garage, I felt our cat move across my feet in front of me and reached down to pet him. Bad mistake. The skunk blasted […]

Amazing, Entertaining, and Sometimes Troubling Quotes About Maine

I’ve been writing a Quotable Sportsman column for The Maine Sportsman for five years, and over that period have reported on amazing, entertaining, and sometimes troubling quotes. From time to time I’m dipping back into those to share them with you in this column. If I came another 10 years and didn’t get a bear, […]

Great fishing videos for kids

Got a child or grandchild who loves to fish, or who wants to start fishing? Well, thanks to the Maine Professional Guides Association, we’ve got some great videos for those kids. The MPGA produced these videos with the help of a grant to the Maine Guides Education Fund supported by LL Bean. You can view […]