Monthly Archives: June 2015

An angling story for the ages

On the porch of Claybrook Mountain Lodge in Highland Plantation are two carved “Buck Boards” listing the bucks and does that guests and guides have shot since the lodge opened in 1984.  The name of Greg Drummond, who owns the lodge with his wife Pat (a phenomenal cook) is often on the list. But the […]

Fighting Eagles Get Tangled – and Rescued

Here’s an amazing story, received this afternoon from Mark Latti at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. I can’t write this any better than Mark did, so I’m giving you his report and photos just as I received them. Astonishing photos! And lots of praise to all involved, including the good folks at Avian […]

Game Wardens Nail the Bad Guys

Game wardens are at their best when they catch the really bad guys, those who kill animals for the thrill of it, who care nothing about laws and rules, who delight in breaking them. A few years ago wardens rounded up a group of poachers in my area, utilizing a game warden from another state […]