Legislators Propose 107 Fish and Wildlife Bills!

Just when you thought the legislative session would be all about guns, we learned today that a total of 107 legislative bills have been proposed governing everything from coyotes to crossbows and brook trout to bears. A total of more than 1700 bills have been submitted, so most legislative committees will have a busy session.

I will be posting a series of columns that take a look at all of these bills, on my website: www.georgesmithmaine.com.

Today I posted a column on bills related to fish, fishing, and fishermen. Coming soon will be two columns on hunting bills.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken a quick look at the gun bills and let’s just say: Wow! I’m so glad I am no longer the lobbyist for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Dave Trahan is going to be some old busy this session!

Bill titles were posted today on the legislature’s website. If you want to check them all out, go to www.maine.gov/legis/ and click on Publications, followed by Legislative Information Publications. You can select a list of bill titles by sponsor or subject. But be forewarned! The list of bills by subject takes up 145 pages!

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